What is MInDSEt?

MInDSEt, or the Mindanao Integrated Data Sharing Environment, is an online data and information sharing facility established at Caraga State University, Butuan City, Philippines.

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It was originally developed as data sharing facility of the stakeholders of the Geo-SAFER Mindanao, an R&D program which focused on generating detailed flood hazard maps of flood-prone river basins and watersheds in Mindanao, Philippines through numerical simulations using LiDAR-derived elevation datasets. Initially, MInDSEt was aimed to cater the needs for LiDAR-derived datasets (DTM, DSM) and flood hazard information (e.g., maps and GIS files) for Mindanao, as well as a venue to data sharing of its stakeholders that includes Geo-SAFER Mindanao implementing educational institutions and Local Government Units.

Recently, MInDSEt’s functionality was expanded to allow organizations and users to register, store and share any kind of data and information, that may be spatial or non-spatial in nature. One of the features of MInDSEt is its capability to categorize stored datasets as private (i.e., a specific organization or member of that organization can only access the data/information), controlled (i.e., data/information can be accessed by an organization or user after approval of data request), or public (i.e., anyone, even unregistered users can access the data.

MInDSEt is also capable of handling externally stored data/information, wherein only the links to the external data/information are stored instead of the data/information files. This capability is advantageous to accommodate a greater amount of data/information with minimal effect to the facility’s data storage.

Through MInDSET, it is envisioned that datasets and information of Mindanao and for Mindanao will become easily accessible by anyone.

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Contact Us

Engr. Jojene R. Santillan

MInDSEt Administrator

Caraga Center for Geo-Informatics
Room 104, Hinang Hall
College of Engineering and Geosciences,
Caraga State University, Ampayon, Butuan City
8600 Philippines
Telephone:(+63-85) 341-2296 loc. 175
Email address: ccgeo@carsu.edu.ph