Chapter 25 - Circular economy for the sustainability of the wood-based industry: The case of Caraga Region, Philippines

Abstract: This work reviews the circular economy initiatives in the East and the Southeast Asian regions for sustainable forestry implications. Japan and China lead in these initiatives, having pursued extensively circular economy in the manufacturing, energy, and agriculture sectors. The CE in the forestry sector has just been initiated in China. Germany and Finland demonstrate circular economy insights for forestry that are highly relevant to the forestry sector of the Philippines’ Timber Corridor, while the Philippines is transitioning toward circular economy. The Caraga Region is currently crafting a roadmap where research is at the core to develop a database for the science-based information necessary to advancing circular economy for a sustainable forestry sector. Integration of circular practices into the forestry sector and the innovative reuse of wood waste are the key actions for transitioning toward a forestry-based circular economy in Caraga Region, Philippines.

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Author Racquel M. Balanay; Rowena P. Varela; Anthony B. Halog
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